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  • Thumb T-34 1940
    A to scale, to spec representation of a 1940 iteration of a T-34 (as best as possible within sprocket's current limitations)
  • A2HE4
    105mm Cannon - High Mobility - 180mm up to 200mm Front armor.
  • Thumb A27M Cromwell
    A to scale, to spec, recreation of the Cromwell cruiser tank in Sprocket
  • Thumb Type Zero MBT
    Type Zero MBT, a mass produced main battle tank with modular components, designed to be made easily and in huge    Read More
    Notes : Type Zero MBT, a mass produced main battle tank with modular components, designed to be made easily and in huge numbers, heavily armoured and heavily armed
  • Char D2
    A Replica of the French Char D2 in French Blue.
    Notes : some of the shapes and angles of the turret are extremely hard to achieve right now. I tried to get the replica as close as I can to a 1x1 replica
  • Thumb Empire Tank Fleet
    Little set of valkyria chronicles inspired tanks featuring 5 designs: EMP-L1: 10 ton little interwar light tank built for recon duties. Can    Read More
  • Olaf
    This is a WW I era trench crossing tank. Weight: 15.05t Speed: 11-14kmh Engine: 8.2kw per tonne Penetration: 50mm Ammo: 74 AP shells Armour: 19mm (front    Read More
    Notes : To complete no tanks land: 1) Hold back before the first trench, your ally tanks can only assist in the first section 2) Remain hull down until the enemy crawler tanks reach you 3) Drive to one of the edges of the map in the east or west 4) drive north once you hit the red border and fire carefully at AT guns but muddy puddles are your true enemy. 5) multiple bratton tanks will spawn right before you reach the Artillery, fire at any facing side on first 6) take out the artillery, place each shot carefully if you are low on ammo. You may need to restart the scenario a few times to get an early crawler rush, you'll notice your allies are firing early. Additionally, cross trenches with sharp walls as they are shorter.
  • Thumb cheetah light recon
    small scout/recon tankette
    Notes : if you push it too much its engine will expload
  • Thumb 20 Ton Light Tank
    A flank and spank tank. A speedy light armored tank that might bounce a shot or two. Armed with a    Read More
  • Thumb 66 Ton Heavy Tank
    Created to be able to bounce or tank 159mm cannons frontally at a 45 degree arc at the Midwar Era.    Read More