CTX Series – 10 Tank Progression from Interwar to Postwar

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    September 1, 2021
  • Following the defeat of Eliojs in the Great War, rearmament programs only began pursuing armored design once more in the early 1930s. The first domestically produced tank of the Interwar period, the CTA-35, proved to lack combat effectiveness and was mostly used as experience for the more effective CTK-37 medium tank. As the Second World War loomed and the armor development programs of other nations expanded, Eliojs progressively refined and developed the CTK-37 into a series of tanks, with the final CTK-42 pushing the limitations of the platform. With the war secured and an another conflict with the Eastern Bloc on the horizon, new dedicated platforms were developed to take advantage of the experience gained in WW2. The CTK-44 represented the new height of medium tank design in the late to postwar period, only being succeeded by the "main battle tank" concept in the 1950s. The CTV-56, a universal tank replacing all medium and heavy tanks in service, concluded the 19 year lineage of the CTX series.
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