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  • Thumb Iron dragon
    Main gun 125mm, fron armor protection 250+mm, 52tons, and top speed 51km/hr
  • Thumb Tiger II
    Tiger II replica, correct angles and armor thicknesses.
  • Thumb Sd.Kfz. 265 Panzerbefehlswagen - Panzer 1
    The Commander's Variant of the Panzer 1 light tank, used by the Wehrmacht in the early stages of the second    Read More
  • Thumb E-100
    Almost identical to the real E-100 with perfect angles, armour thickness, cannon and more.
    Notes : I spent a large amount of time looking at real-life blueprints and schematics of this tank but because this tank was not officially completed, little information is shared, so I tried my best to reconstruct this super-heavy tank into the game to the best of my knowledge. There are a few features/values that are not present in-game in which I can not add/change on this tank in the way which would make this tank more accurate. Please note: This is a game that is in early development and everything is subject to change.

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  • Thumb 80cm Railway Cannon
    Germany Railway Cannon!!!!!! I don't know real thickness,so its thickness is default size. In the latter half of the 1930s, the Wehrmacht,    Read More
  • Thumb 46cm Yamato Cannon
    A gun mounted on the battleship Yamato. In the Navy at the time, it was called the Type 94 40    Read More
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  • A69 Valkyrie Victor Interim Cruiser Tank
    The Valkyrie Motoworks' belated attempt at a TEABAG-1 competition tank.
  • Thumb PanzerkwampfwagenVI Tiger Ausf. E (1944)
    My take on one of the most iconic tanks in history, by far one of my best builds ever. Historically    Read More
    Notes : Might lag low end devices, as it's surprisingly 547 parts?